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March 6th, 2017  No Comments New Photos

We have updated the gallery with various photos of Maude over the past year, including some more recent photo sessions and junket calls for “Other People” at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

February 3rd, 2016  No Comments New Photos, Other People

Lately, we’ve been introduced to the next generation of celebrity kids who have, yes, had an advantage in the name-recognition department, but who are making names for themselves with their own talents. From Cindy Crawford’s model daughter, Kaia Gerber, to actress and model (and daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis) Lily Rose Depp; Sylvester Stallone’s trio of gorgeous daughters, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet, and supermodel Kate Moss’s sister Lottie Moss.

Though she’s stood by the sides of parents Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann on countless red carpets (and even acted in a few of their TV shows and movies!), we are officially naming this year’s Sundance Film Festival as Maude Apatow’s debut into the world of film and fashion in her own right.

The 17-year old has been in Park City, Utah, to promote her role in the film Other People. While we can’t wait to see the film for ourselves, this budding it girl is making her mark on the fashion world as well. She has managed to perfect that hard-to-master style that’s both youthful and elegant: She chooses flirty, mini silhouettes, but keeps it classic and age-appropriate by layering turtlenecks under dresses and opting for a boxy cropped knit to pair with her tailored denim.

Source: Glamour.Com

February 3rd, 2016  No Comments Interview

The daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann is taking on Sundance! In this EXCLUSIVE interview, Maude Apatow takes a moment to reveal her character in ‘Other People.’

Maude Apatow, 17, is ready to take the film industry by storm. The young actress stars alongside Molly Shannon in Other People, and at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival she was more than thrilled to explain her character’s role in the indie drama.

You might remember her from Knocked Up and This Is 40, but now Maude Apatow is spreading her wings and heading to the world of indie drama. On Friday, Jan. 22 in Park City, Utah, Maude shared with @hollywood‘s Charlie Berens what her role entailed in her latest film, Other People, in which she plays actress Molly Shannon‘s daughter.

“I play Alex, David’s sister. Younger sister. I sort of wish he would pay more attention to me and talk to me,” Maude shared with a smile, despite the sad aspect of her role. David, her character’s older brother, is played by Fargo‘s Jesse Plemons.

In Other People, a struggling comedy writer is having the worst year of his life. Not only has he just broken up with his girlfriend, but he also must return to his hometown to care for his dying mother.

“It was just great to do this part because it was dramatic and funny,” Molly shared. She plays the mom in the film, and Bradley Whitford is the dad. “I felt so lucky to get asked to do such a well-written, deep part like playing the mom.”

This indie drama sounds absolutely incredible, doesn’t it? Fingers crossed it hits theaters in 2016 — we want to see Maude back up on the big screen again!

Source: hollywoodlife.com

February 3rd, 2016  No Comments Interview, Other People, Video

During the third-season finale of HBO’s Girls, Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) found out she’d been accepted into the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. After expressing concern about leaving her life in New York, and whether writing is something that can be taught, Hannah tells her boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver), just minutes before his Broadway debut, that she’s going to grad school in Iowa. The two have a fight outside the theater after the show with Hannah saying they can work it out and Adam saying he’s sick of trying to work it out. The episode ends with Hannah alone in her apartment holding the acceptance letter and smiling.

Season four, which begins Sunday, opens with Hannah feeling that same mix of happiness and concern. “I think she’s scared about leaving her life behind but she’s excited by the opportunity,” Dunham tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Read More

Girls’ fourth season premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO. Come back to THR’s The Live Feed after the premiere for more scoops from Konner and the cast on the first episode, “Iowa.”

January 11th, 2015  No Comments Girls

We have added x22 photos of Maude at the 12th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party with Emporio Armani on September 26, 2014 to the image gallery …

January 5th, 2015  No Comments New Photos

Maude Apatow has said before that she ‘looks up to’ Girls star Lena Dunham. So it was surely a thrill for the 15-year-old – whose father Judd Apatow produces Lena’s show – to spend time on the New York City set with her idol.

The duo were spotted executing twerk-style dance moves and hitting marks outside a local school, suggesting that perhaps Maude had a role on the hit HBO series. Lena did not hold back in her series of quirky dance moves, appearing to twerk and get down as they strolled along the sidewalk.

Nothing seemed more important to Lena in those moments than executing her series of dance moves, which she was intent on doing in spite of their very public positioning. Maude, on the other hand, appeared enthused by her antics, opting instead to silently observe until she was pulled into the fray.

Dressed in dark grey and green camouflage getup, the aspiring young writer – whose Twitter account has a whopping 196,000 followers – looked simultaneously amused and concerned by the display. Clutching a canned beverage in one hand, she watched Lena before the pair grabbed each other’s hands and swung around in a circle.

Judging by the red tape placed on the ground as a ‘mark’ for filming, it appeared as though the ladies may have been filming a scene for Girls. During an interview with Teen Vogue in 2012, Maude revealed that Lena is one of her idols.

January 5th, 2015  No Comments Girls, New Photos

We have added x32 photos of Maude and her family attending the MTV Movie Awards on April 13th 2014.

January 5th, 2015  No Comments New Photos

We have added x29 photos of Maude at the 2013 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Awards on September 27th 2014.

January 5th, 2015  No Comments New Photos

Welcome, we have finally made a full site for Maude-Apatow.Com and not just a gallery! We are currently adding some new and missing photos of Maude, so be sure to check back soon.

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